David, Conroy and I were invited recently to be guests on EchoPlex Media’s show Local Love, which features local music from bands all over the Bay Area. They go live every Tuesday from 9pm to 11pm!

Check out the podacst through links below:

This Local Love Podcast, was actually our first media appearance to promote our album Sophomore Debut. So, we were pleasantly surprised with how much we enjoyed it! Producer Dave and Chip DeVille were immediately warm in their greeting with us as we dove into the podcast. We really recommend fellow musicians and our fans to check out their previous uploads on the website. AFTER you listen to ours of course ;). Let em know who sent you!

In this podcast we were delighted to open up about some aspects of ourselves and our music. We were also able to feature many of our music and even had one of our friends, UGNE, on their discord chat. We SUPER recommend joining their discord chat room for hilarious reasons. But anyways, UGNE even got one of his tracks from his album Delayed Gratification which is featured on our PJFY Friends page!

Unfortunately we were withou our beloved guitarist Kevin, who had a very good reason for not being there. You’ll find out exactly what that is, once you tune in to the podcast! We did take time to talk about Kevin, since the Local Love guys were genuinely interested in our group. We were happy to oblige. Their questions and ability to connect only showed how professional they are and how much they really care about showing local musicians, some love.

We’re looking forward to the next one, and will be playing some house shows in the meantime, so we’re excited about that. More so we’re hoping more people listen to our music. So if you’re reading this, please share our music! We’ll definitely like you more by at least one unit, if you do!

Please, enjoy the podcast. Go ahead and leave a comment to let us know what you thought!


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